BEAR® Implant

At Tahoe Forest Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, we are always looking to use the latest, evidence-based treatments and techniques to provide you with an exceptional care journey. Providing our patients with more than just the bare necessities in knee treatment, we are proud to offer the BEAR Implant for ACL repair.

What Is the BEAR Implant?

The Bridge Enhanced ACL Restoration (BEAR) Implant is a state-of-the-art device designed to help the patient’s anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) heal itself.

Why the BEAR Implant?

When patients experience an ACL tear, they may require an ACL reconstruction, or ACL replacement surgery. In this outpatient procedure, orthopedic surgeons remove the damaged portion of the ACL and graft the tear back together with another part of the body or with a deceased donor’s tendon.

While ACL reconstruction is reliable, the patient’s ACL is replaced, and many people struggle with returning to the same level of activity they knew. The BEAR Implant helps patients retain their natural ACL tissue, making the recovery time quicker than traditional reconstruction.  

Because the implant preserves the patient’s natural ACL tissue, knee surgeons don’t need to remove additional tissue from another part of the body or operate in any secondary areas.

How Does the BEAR Implant Work?

Over a period of eight weeks, the implant reabsorbs into the body, allowing for the patient’s own tissue to grow and take its place. Knee surgeons use the patient’s blood to place the implant and create a way for the blood to clot and heal.

The ACL cannot heal on its own due to the synovial fluid, or thick inner-joint liquid, which prevents the bones from rubbing together in the knee joint. Because of this fluid, the knee cannot form clots for healing. The BEAR Implant is a bridge that binds the damaged ACL tissues together.

Benefits of the BEAR Implant Include: 

  • Natural ACL preserved & restored
  • Faster muscle strength recovery 
  • No grafting necessary

Who Is a Candidate?

  • Patients must be at least 14 years old and have skeletal maturity.
  • Patients must have completely ruptured their ACL, confirmed by an MRI scan.
  • Patients must be able to undergo surgery within 50 days of their ACL injury.

Exceptional Care Begins at Tahoe Forest Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

At Tahoe Forest Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, our dedicated orthopedic expert is here for you. As a specialty-trained knee surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Hagen is backed by the latest state-of-the-art technology and has extensive experience to bring you the very best in orthopedic care. Dr. Hagen is a fellowship-trained sports medicine surgeon and board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has the experience and training you need to reach your goals.

To learn more or to consult with one of our experts about the BEAR Implant for ACL tears, please call (530) 587-7461 or request an appointment online.