Ryan Solberg, M.S.P.T., C.P.E.D., O.C.S., Regional Director of Therapy Operations

Photo: Ryan Solberg

As an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS), Ryan is well versed in all disciplines of physical therapy and sports-related rehab. He has worked with numerous professional athletes, and enjoys working with any client who is looking to return to an active lifestyle.
Using manual therapy, biomechanical analysis, functional dry needling, and therapeutic exercise, Ryan has helped patients rehabilitate and manage their symptoms through education and special evaluations for optimal results.
Ryan also specializes in foot and ankle evaluations and orthotic fitting for patients who suffer from foot, knee, and back pain. In addition, he is a Movement Performance Institute (MPI) affiliate, enabling him to perform objective video analysis specific to runners, cyclists, skiers and other athletes returning to sport. Ryan sees clients for orthotic fitting and video analysis specific to gait, running, cycling, and return-to-sport evaluations.