Mental Strategies for Recovering From a Sports Injury

A sports injury may take you off the field or court for weeks. Beyond your physical injury, the discouragement of not being able to play may also affect your mood. That’s why finding healthy ways to cope with an injury is imperative to both your physical and mental recovery.

“The most important part of mental recovery is staying actively involved in your physical therapy and rehabilitation program,” explains Dr. Jonathan Hagen, fellowship-trained sports medicine surgeon at Tahoe Forest Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. “Additionally, finding new, alternative ways to stay active can help you keep your spirits high.”

Dealing with an injury takes time and patience. To help improve your mood during your recovery, try finding alternatives to your typical workout. Even if one body part is immobilized, you can stay fit while rehabilitating by cross-training. If you’ve injured your foot or ankle, your doctor may recommend staying fit by using a rowing machine or swimming, while an elbow or shoulder injury may still allow you to walk, climb stairs, or use a hands-free stationary bike.

If you have questions about strategies for staying fit and maintaining a positive attitude while you’re recovering from an injury, contact our sports medicine doctors at Tahoe Forest Orthopedics & Sports Medicine by calling (530) 214-9877 or request an appointment online.